Content management

Cloud CMS

Create, manage and publish content via and easy to use CMS, to multiple devices via web services APIs and JSon.

Build amazing applications to engage users and enrich interaction.

Cloud CMS is a secure enterprise-level CMS platform for creating and publishing content to websites, tablet and mobile. Editors and administrators control multiple ‘sites’ via a simple and easy to use interface, using workflow and approval tools that manage and streamline the entire content lifecycle, including approval, versioning, repurposing and publishing.

There are over 1,300 APIs that enrich the publishing environment and provide engagement and interaction with users, also reducing the need for software development and significantly speeding up deployment.

Cloud CMS can be deployed in your hosting environment or ours. We provide a full service from scoping requirements, development, deployment, integration and project management. Our deep knowledge and experience will make sure your project is successful.