WoodWing Assets

WoodWing Assets is a highly scalable and secure DAM solution, built to manage the most demanding creative environments in retail, media, television and publishing. WoodWing Assets enables you to store and manage millions of multimedia assets, and is the engine at the heart of the creative process, so your creative teams, wherever they are, can find, edit, distribute and repurpose creative assets for every digital media application quickly and easily.

Speed, ease of use and quality characterise the experience of WoodWing Assets users.

However, equally important are its capabilities to control assets, and to protect your business and commercial interests. Intellectual property, embargo dates and licensing can be controlled asset by asset, so users have access only to permitted content.

WoodWing Assets has been designed to help you better manage the creative process, from ideation to execution and distribution. For example, it can capture output from photo shoots in real time, enabling picture editors to select and feed images into the editorial and design process, so the process moves to the next stage immediately. Plug-ins, including REST API and Webhooks API technology pull content from multiple sources such as AI services Clarifi and Google to enrich metadata, and push final content to CMS, Webshop, PIM, e-Commerce platforms, and bespoke editorial systems (including our own publishing workflow platform, Enterprise).

Beyond connectivity and integration, WoodWing Assets is driven by business rules, which mean events, including file upload, metadata amendments, file check-in, sharing and usage (and many more) automatically trigger communication to users and teams, and initiate processing, distribution and updating of assets in use throughout the creative and publishing processes, which is one of reasons WoodWing Assets drives process efficiency.