WoodWing Studio

WoodWing Studios is designed for web, digital and print. This includes printed and digital versions of: magazines, newspapers, publications, books, annual reports, brochures, and literature. It is a perfect tool for production and marketing departments, advertising and media agencies, and corporate organisations.

Simultaneously repurpose and publish content to websites, mobile and tablet apps, and for print.

Workflow – create the best and most efficient workflow for each publication or media channel to optimise efficiency, reduce bottlenecks, and automate standard tasks including: importing text and graphics and other content into pre-determined templates, automatic file distribution, version control, automated rule-based editing and approval processes, task management and real-time progress reporting.

Collaboration – teams work together seamlessly, regardless of location, sharing ideas and comments using sticky notes, annotations, and in-system messages. As articles and content are edited and updated, pages, publications and other media are automatically updated in real time so everyone works with the latest version.

Multi-channel – Capability to produce output for print, mobile, tablet and web, including HTML5 capability to adjust content to fit all devices automatically.

WoodWing Studio is suitable for both large-scale multi-site multidisciplinary teams, as well as smaller multi-site and single-site teams. It can be deployed internally, within current IT infrastructure, or as a cloud-solution hosted in your data centre, or at ours.
The latest WoodWing Studio release, allows users to create content within one system and easily reuse it on any digital or print channel.
This new way of working is based on the concept of structured content. By creating stories in WoodWing Studio Content Station, the user creates content with structure that can be transferred to any print layout or to any digital platform, with one click of the button.
By creating stories with structure it also allows for easy reuse of content.